How Do I Protect Myself & My Loved Ones?


Protect with Awareness…Education…Action. First step is awareness and recognizing what abusive and unhealthy behaviors look like, sound like, feel like and their negative impact. Second step is education on how to safely end the cycles. Third step is action to prevent future forms of un-wellness in yourself and the relationships around you by speaking up,…

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Confidence is Courage in Action

Growth Strategy

Please listen in to Jess Dewell and my video conversation as it appeared live. We talk about: Growth & Strategy  Confidence in Self & Confidence in Team Confidence is Courage in Action…that proves anything is achievable. Adding to the podcast: Confidence is built by all the times you used an ounce of courage to face…

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Why Does Abuse Continue To Happen?

Stained Glass

When you don’t know the codes and cycles, all forms of abuse (sexual harassment, verbal mistreatment, child abuse, neglect, domestic violence, bullying, etc.) are very complex, confusing and hard to see…even when they are happening right in front of you! Here are some ways to recognize and understand abusive behaviors. * Abuse grows when abusers…

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Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Conference with Abigail Manning

Our Voices Matter: I experienced Domestic Violence, the awful aftermath including PTS and the arduous climb out of the deep, dark pit so I could stand strong on the solid ground of Authentic Health. Creating awareness on all forms of abuse, including DV, is so important to me because I care about people and want…

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