Navy SEAL Commander Chat

Baby in the arms of military personnel

Listen in to Navy SEAL Commander Jon Macaskill and host of Veteran’s PATH and I chat about “Mindfully Retrain Your Brain!” Veteran’s PATH video. Links for podcast are below. Self-Awareness = Purple Threads Self-Ownership = Flip-A-Dip! Self-Care = Healthy Boundary Lines (HBL) & Accountability Buddies Please listen and share your thoughts! Apple: Spotify: Anchor:

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Launch Announcement

Excited to announce launch of collaboration with CIA Chief of Counterintelligence Operations (Ret) Karl Wagner & CIA Deputy Chief of Global Counterterrorism (Ret) Frederick (Rick) Hotchner offering panel speaking, workshops & training, assessment & advisory – for healthier, more resilient, more engaged employees; enhanced mission success; and diminished risks from Insider Threat. For more details,…

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