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A Thankful Thanksgiving

THANK YOU for the hugs, winks and high-fives of encouragement to be authentic and vulnerable in telling my life story. Fighting my way over big emotional hurdles, I was the keynote speaker at The Crisis Center’s Gala on Friday, November 10th. Nearly 300 people empathetically listened and warmly responded to my speech where I shared my very personal experiences of childhood abuse and domestic violence as an adult. I was honored to also share my message: Enlighten, Empower and End Abuse…now and for the future of families.

I totally understand how alone and scared you might feel in speaking out and speaking up. I know it’s a struggle. I know it takes bravery that can feel far beyond your ability. But…I also know, with UNITY you are no longer alone and you are safely among caring people. With an ounce of COURAGE, you gain strength because you have overcome those who didn’t honor you. They are the ones to run into the shadows and hide…you are the one to step out into the spotlight, where you always deserved to be!

As we head into Thanksgiving, there can be many triggers for people who have had trauma and abuse in their lives, especially if you go back to visit your family of origin. You might be sitting next to people who have hurt you. People who have told you “who are you to shine?!” They may say something that implies you should step-back into the darkness and be quiet. To play it small. They might make you question yourself. They may point the finger of shame or blame at you. And, it might feel just too darn hard to stand in the light of your truth. No matter what, I encourage you to take another step forward on your path. By taking steps forward you are heading toward your optimum health. Each little step takes you closer to knowing and speaking your truth…and that’s a light no one can take from you.

To help you move forward, and not get side-tracked by the negativity of others, please remind yourself of what YOU define as a successful life. A supporter of ending abuse recently sent me the below quote by The Minds Consciousness. It really resonates with me and maybe it will with you too.

“Happiness is the new rich.

Inner peace is the new success.

Health is the new wealth.

Kindness is the new cool.”

As I prepare for Thanksgiving, I have such a happy heart filled with inner peace. I spoke up and spoke out about the abuse which “magically” released the heavy burden I felt of keeping the secrets of abuse. By sharing my story, I’ve received a cornucopia of kindness from my loving family, loyal friends and our quickly growing community who will not tolerate abuse and will not stay silent. Join us…we will end abuse.

I’m thankful you invested the time to read this blog and are out there making a positive difference in your life and others. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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