Authentic Sharing

Three of the many wellbeing topics we identified as common issues among the 40 warriors at recent Wounded Warrior Project workshop are…




It’s completely to be expected to feel this way! Trauma will do this to a person. Trauma can include combat zones, traumatic brain injury (TBI), post traumatic stress (PTS) as well as loss of a marriage, losing a job, going through health complications, Covid, overcoming childhood abuse and so much more!

We provide wellbeing tools and a safe environment where authentic sharing helps everyone not feeling alone and gain new resources to heal and thrive. Spouses and caregivers are also included!

Grateful to Wounded Warrior Project for sponsoring this monthly workshop! If you’re a WWP Alum, please join Army Veteran Paul Peng and me at our next WWP workshop.

Contact me for details or to bring this healing and empowerment workshop to your Veteran non-profit.

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