Air Force Academy

November 22, 2020

I am honored to have taught RESILIENCY skills at the Air Force Academy! Four (4) in-person workshops of my “How to Climb Back Up the Adverse Spiral…and Stay Up!” The timing was perfect because it was right before they went…

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Harassment Doesn’t Happen Here

July 6, 2020

“Harassment doesn’t happen here” is a comment I often hear. The truth is, it does and it runs the spectrum of small annoying harassments to the most tragic of harassment outcomes. True leaders recognize their responsibility in preventing harassment and…

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What Horses Taught Me Today

April 25, 2020

These horses and singing birds stopped me in my tracks today. Before seeing them, I was in my own little rollercoaster world due to COVID-19. They caught my attention and helped me realize I was focused on my stress and…

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Social Media

Friday Night Thoughts

April 11, 2020

As another weekend approaches, I find myself struggling during this time of COVID-19 isolation. I know others are too. It can feel so damn discouraging. So lonely. So hopelessly out of our control. I found this video and it felt…

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What If Monster

April 6, 2020

When my kids were young, we talked about the WHAT IF Monster. This monster is invisible…like most monsters are…and yet at times, it’s all we can see and hear.  This monster tells you all the ways you will absolutely fail…

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Abigail Manning at a Conference

Chachi! Don’t you want to learn more?!

April 3, 2020

Timothy “Chachi” Pachasa is that kind of guy! He makes you want to learn more! Not only is his U.S. Air Force call sign of “Chachi” intriguing… but so is he! Trust me, he’s the real-deal…stellar military career, brave family…

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Adverse Spiral Slide

Countering COVID-19

March 26, 2020

With COVID-19, are you feeling moments of Stress, Fear or Self-Doubt? * It’s okay…it’s to be expected! Give yourself a break…you’re human. Those are human emotions. * The key is to recognize they are emotions & you have a choice…

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Military Professional

Avatars Help Teach!

March 8, 2020

Just back from speaking at Air Command & Staff College at Air University. It’s the home of US Air Forces’ Department of Leadership in Montgomery, Alabama. There I had the pleasure of meeting Lieutenant Colonel & Dr. Andrew Clayton. His…

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Launch Announcement

January 16, 2020

Excited to announce launch of collaboration with CIA Chief of Counterintelligence Operations (Ret) Karl Wagner & CIA Deputy Chief of Global Counterterrorism (Ret) Frederick (Rick) Hotchner offering panel speaking, workshops & training, assessment & advisory – for healthier, more resilient,…

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Abigail Manning and Michael Giorgione

Joining Forces with Rear Admiral Michael Giorgione (Ret.)

May 29, 2019

I’m super proud to announce Rear Admiral Michael Giorgione (Ret.), former Commanding Officer of Presidential Retreat Camp David and Founder of LeadingLeaders, and I are joining forces for our new 2-day workshop: PREVENTING HARASSMENT – A LEADERSHIP IMPERATIVE In an innovative, positive…

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