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Mothers Day

Thank you to all wonderful women out there who are Moms or have invested time, love and energy in a child as an Aunt, neighbor, teacher, coach or friend. In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m writing to say thank you from the child’s perspective.

  • When you hugged me, you taught me physical touch was safe and good.
  • When you sat and spoke to me kindly vs yelling at me, you taught me to have patience when I felt like having anger.
  • When you laughed at my jokes, you taught me to look at the sunny side of life and to know I had the power to make someone happy.
  • When you hung my art project, you taught me that even though I didn’t get an A in art class, I have talent.
  • When you stood up for me in my education, you taught me I am not alone and I will always be protected.
  • When you joyfully let me try viola, cello, karate, swimming, cross country, horseback riding and all the other things that cost so much money that you didn’t have to spare, you taught me to give is more fulfilling than to receive.
  • When you made me finish chores done to your high quality level of expectations, you taught the gifts of confidence to fail and pride in a job well done.
  • When you bought me clothing ranging from beautiful dresses to authentic cowgirl, you taught me to be adventurous and appreciate all sides of my personality.
  • When you attended every one of my events, you taught me the importance of commitment.
  • Above all, through all of this, you taught me I have worthiness and to expect nothing less from anyone else for the rest of my life. 

Thank you amazing Moms and Mentoring Women….you are worthy of our gratitude and love.  Happy Mothers Day!