Work more productively. Lead more effectively. Live more powerfully.

Working in alliance with clients, we proactively build and propel forward healthy individuals and prosperous organizations. Innovative and easily integrated curriculum increases team engagement, leadership empowerment, field-tested resilience, and raise-the-bar accountability.

We offer values based programs that identify limitations and implement futuristic thinking to accelerate growth.

  • LifeSkills Development of Think, Say, Do
  • Think = Cognitive Skills
  • Say = Social & Communication Skills
  • Do = Behavioral Skills
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  • International Speaker. Storyteller. Impactful. Call to Action. Values Based. Life Changing.
  • Speaking Engagements Include:
    • Air Force Academy, National Symposium on Character and Leadership and repeat guest instructor
    • Air Force, Air University, Leadership Education Development Conference  (LEDx)
    • Navy, NAVFAC Commands (Domestic & International)
    • USDA (United States Department of Agriculture)
    • Vistage International
    • TiE Global
    • Colorado Senators, Representatives & Staff
    • The Crisis Center
    • Wounded Warrior Project
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Specific awareness and empowerment content is addressed based on the client's unique focus and needs.

  • Speaking Events
    • All Workshops Have a Coordinating Speech Available
    • US Air Force, Air Command & Staff College at Air University's LEDx. Leadership Language. How to Successfully Address Behavior Problems & Build Mental Health Fitness 
    • The Crisis Center's Gala. The Future of Families
    • Variety of CEO & Board Organizations. Leaders Empowering TRUST. Truth. Respect. Unity. Safety. Transparency.
    • Rotary International - Multiple Chapters. Mindful Awareness 
    • International Non-Profit Dress for Success. Creating Win-Win. Tips & techniques to successfully engage with others in the workplace.
    • TiE Global - Denver Chapter. Beyond Sexual Harassment...Build Authentic Health. Awareness & Action Plan.
    • Not Seeing The Forest For The Trees
    • FRESH Awareness for Incoming College Freshman: Emotional & Sexual Assault Safety
  • Podcasts 
    • The Leadership Podcast - We Study Leaders
      • "Helping Others Take Personal Responsibility" with Jim Vaselopulous and Jan Rutherford
      • Click here
    • Veteran's PATH
      • "Mindfully Retrain Your Brain" with Navy SEAL Commander Jon Macaskill
      • Click here
    • Everyday Mindfulness Show
    • Everyday Brave - The Connection Project
    • The Respect Podcast - Exploring Work, Love & Life
      • "Triggers, Boundaries and Authentic Health" with Mike Domitrz
      • Click here
    • Real Life Resilience - On-Line Summit
      • Contact us to order access
    • Red Direction
      • "Build Awareness and Act!" with Jess Dewell
      • Click here
    • Voice of Bold Business
      • "Where Growth and Strategy Intersect" with Jess Dewell
      • Click here
    • Kickin' It with Daree
      • "From the Boardroom to the Classroom: Authentic Leadership" with Daree
      • Click here
    • 20 Minutes of Influence
      • "Celebrating Your Successes" with Greg Jameson
      • Click here
    • Chasing Dreams with Aimee
      • "Building Authentic Health to End Abuse in Your Life" with Aimee J.
      • Click here
  • Topics Include:
    • Pro-Active & Positive Awareness of What is Healthy vs Un-Healthy
    • Empowerment
      • Workplace Wellness
      • Leadership Advancement
      • Team Development
    • Ending Adverse Spiral to Build Thriving Individuals and Prosperous Cultures
      • Stress, Fear and Unworthiness
      • Depression
      • Addictions
      • Cycles of Abuse including the Big 5: Emotional, Verbal, Physical, Sexual & Financial
      • PTS
      • Thoughts of Suicide


  • Our "Eagle-to-Eagle Leadership" and "Esprit de Corps Team" content specializes in strengthening Think, Say, Do alignment through enhanced personal and professional life skills.
    • Programs Include:
  • * EMPOWER YOURSELF: Recognize limiting thoughts (Purple Threads) for greater self-awareness, remove limits with self-ownership techniques, and thrive in life and leadership with empowered self-commitment tools.* LEAD A HEALTHY WORKPLACE: Deep dive understanding and preventing toxic culture, the Big 5 unhealthy behaviors (emotional, verbal, physical, sexual, and financial), power and control, manipulations, and biases. Methods to protect a healthy culture.

    * HEALTHY HABITS FOR HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY: Science behind the "Foundational 8" and tips to implement to thrive professionally, and personally.

    * COURAGEOUS COMMUNICATION: Establish and express TRUST. Truth. Respect. Unity. Safety. Transparency.

    * PREVENT ADVERSE SPIRAL: Stress, Limiting Personal Thoughts, Depression, Addiction, Abuse, PTS, and Suicide

We believe in and help others deepen their:
TRUST = Truth. Respect. Unity. Safety. Transparency.
SELF = Secure. Ethical. Loving. Fearless.
UNITY = Together. Family. Country.
OPTIMISM = Encouragement. Positivity. Brighter Tomorrow.

Private training, consulting and advising for professionals who are the frontline intervention for people who are experiencing abuse or un-healthy behaviors at work or home. These professionals can ask and offer life-enhancing and life-saving support as they often are one of the few who have private moments without the abuser/manipulator present.

  • Professional Groups Include:
    • Employers & Human Resources
    • Doctors & Nurses
    • Counselors & Therapists
    • Teachers & Administrators
    • Lawyers, Judges & Law Enforcement
    • Athletic Coaches, Trainers & Administrators
    • Personal Services (Hair, Nails, Facials, Massage, Workout Trainer, etc.)
    • Religious Leaders
  • Modalities & Resources Provided by Outside Resources:
    • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
    • Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)
    • Somatic Trauma Resolution (STR)



Building bridges between awareness and action. Connecting all people through a shared understanding of what is healthy and unhealthy. Creating clear paths to optimum health and happiness where a healthy "Me" (individual) = Productive & Profitable "We" (society.) By uniting and working together, we create healthy and productive work environments and make long-lasting culture changes.

  • We strengthen the values of the organization.
  • We empower individuals to live abuse-free at work and home.

Long story short...our workshops are where education and empowerment intersect!

Workplace Wellness Workshops: Where specific abusive and unhealthy behaviors are proactively prevented and positively transformed to thriving individuals and prosperous cultures.

  • Harassment: Verbal, Physical and Sexual
  • Adverse Spiral: Stress/Fear. Unworthiness. Depression. Addiction. Abuse. PTS. Suicide.
  • Damage to Company Brand and Individuals' Reputation
  • Security Threats and Employee Safety
  • Sabotage and Espionage


Leading A Healthy Work Environment (Preventing Harassment - a Leadership Imperative)

  • 2-Day Workshop
  • Co-instructed with Rear Admiral (Ret.) & former Commanding Officer of Presidential Retreat Camp David, Michael Giorgione.
  • Highly interactive, proactive and revolutionary approach of recognizing, preventing and building individuals and organizations. By providing personal testimony, relatable examples and concise strategic methods, this course builds cultures that are respectful, trustful and prosperous.


Countering Insider Threat: Mental Health, Mindfulness and Mission

  • 2-Day Workshop
  • Co-instructed with CIA Chief of Counterintelligence Operations (Ret) Karl Wagner and/or CIA Deputy Chief of Global Counterterrorism Rick Hotchner.
  • Physical and emotional fatigue is common in high-stress and high-stakes careers. When repeatedly exposed to stress and mental health risks, even the sharpest individuals and strongest organizations are at risk. We empower organizations to provide safe, confidential and highly productive workplace environments. We teach long-lasting life skills for enhanced mental health, mindfulness protocols for sustainable careers, and how to have successful mission-driven outcomes.


Leaders Empowering TRUST (Truth. Respect. Unity. Safety. Transparency.)


Authentic Leadership! Making mission and vision statements come alive. Aligning your words and actions. Character vs Reputation. Clarity in self-reflection. Feedback as your friend. Self-improvement accountability. Pull vs Push. Boosting morale.

Leadership Advancement Workshops: 

    • Leaders Empowering TRUST (Truth. Respect. Unity. Safety. Transparency.)
    • Authentic Leadership! Making mission and vision statements come alive. Aligning your words and actions. Character vs Reputation. Clarity in self-reflection. Feedback as your friend. Self-improvement accountability. Pull vs Push. Boosting morale.

Team Development Workshops: Healthy individuals build productive and profitable teams.

    • Innovation & Inspiration in 3 Empowering Steps: Courage, Confidence & Creativity
    • Productivity & Profitability: Efficient & Effective Teams Produce ROI
    • De-Escalation: Navigate Differences, Establish Personal Safety & Enforce Healthy Boundary Lines.
    • Fallouts Transformed to Fostering Team TRUST Truth. Respect. Unity. Safety. Transparency.
    • Cultivate Authentic Culture
  • Pay it Forward sponsorship program opportunities are available!

Enlighten. Empower. End.