Abuse has a code…crack the code and you can decipher and understand abuse. Abuse has a cycle….learn the cycle and you can recognize, predict and prevent abuse. Knowing the code and cycles, we enlighten ourselves. Gathering knowledge, we empower ourselves and protect others. Uniting together, we can and will end abuse.

Our programs were created to achieve our vision of All people unite to create awareness, understanding and commitment to end the cycles of abuse by replacing ill-informed with recognition, blame with empathy, hurt with health, and fear with love.

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Specific forms of abuse are addressed based on the audiences’ needs. Abuse is not isolated to only one form and where there is one, there often are other forms of abuse. By bringing awareness and understanding to abuse, we are able to prevent it and pro-actively build Authentic Health which will end abuse in our own lives and in the lives of those around us. Topics include:

  • Awareness, Prevention & Action Plan for Authentic Health
  • Places of Abuse:
    • Athletics
    • Home/Personal Relationships
    • School
    • Workplace
    • Worship
    • And More
  • Forms of Abuse:
    • Bullying
    • Childhood
    • Domestic Abuse & Domestic Violence
    • Elderly
    • Emotional/Psychological
    • Financial
    • Physical
    • Sexual
    • Neglect
    • Verbal

Eagle Eye Education & Training


Private training or group classes for non-abused professionals who are the frontline intervention for people who are experiencing abuse. These professionals can ask about abuse as they often are one of the few who have private moments without the abuser present.

  • Professional Groups Include:
    • Employers & Human Resources
    • Doctors & Nurses
    • Counselors & Therapists
    • Teachers & Administrators
    • Lawyers, Judges & Law Enforcement
    • Athletic Coaches, Trainers & Administrators
    • Religious Leaders
  • Therapy Modalities & Professional Resources Include:
    • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
    • Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)
    • Somatic Trauma Resolution (STR)
    • Essential Oils

Building Bridges Seminars & Workshops


Building bridges between awareness and action. Connecting all people through a shared understanding of what is healthy and unhealthy. Creating clear paths to optimum health and happiness.

  • Beyond Sexual Harassment to Building Authentic Health
    • In a safe and positive environment, learn to understand harassment, recognize the red flags of unhealthy actions and patterns, build T.R.U.S.T (Truth. Respect. Unity. Safety. Transparency.) to prevent lack of reporting and false claims, and how to protect yourself from being harassed or being a harasser (or perceived as one!)
    • Discover how to build Authentic Health, pull Purple Threads and push Flip-a-Dip! (turning negative thoughts into positive strengths), promise to  S.E.L.F. (Secure. Ethical. Loving. Fearless.), protect Healthy Boundary Lines (HBL) and Respond vs React with actionable steps to prevent harassment and other forms of abuse.
    • We create healthy and productive work environments and make long-lasting culture changes.
      • We strengthen the values of the organization.
      • We empower individuals to live abuse-free at work and home.
  • Healthy Relationships & Leadership
    • Work/Office (In-House & Retreats)
    • School/Teens
    • Parenting/Families
    • Women Only
    • Men Only
  • Certified in REAL Essentials Advanced Curriculum
  • SAFE Chat
    • S = Silent Epidemic: why abuse starts, grows and thrives in darkness
    • A = Awareness: illumination of the diversity and complexity of abuse
    • F = Facts: data, research and charts to recognize abuse
    • E = Enlighten & Empower & End: create your path for optimum health
  • Transformation through Beautification
  • Pay it Forward sponsorship program

Enlighten. Empower. End.