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Love of country. Love of family.

On this evening … all I want to say is, from my home to yours … thank you for loving this wonderful country and our fabulous citizens!

FYI, this photo taken by a Navy veteran from my living room waiting while I was on the phone helping a new Marine family whose child is leaving tomorrow for boot camp. Something I’ve been through … twice.

We are truly ALL in this together.

Love of country.

Love of family.

I truly care about you, your family and our country. If you have someone you love going into the military or through a career transition to civilian life, it can tough. Please feel free to reach out to me and I’ll do my best to be of insight, value, support or encouragement. No charge. Just authentically caring and sharing what I have learned as a military family.

With love, we unite!

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Air Force Academy

I am honored to have taught RESILIENCY skills at the Air Force Academy! Four (4) in-person workshops of my “How to Climb Back Up the Adverse Spiral…and Stay Up!” The timing was perfect because it was right before they went into lock-down and virtual only learning.
* It takes courage to look within and the cadets did it with enthusiasm and genuinely deep discussions on self-awareness, self-ownership and self-commitment.

* My workshop on Purple Threads (limiting Personal Beliefs become Physiologically Tied to what we think, say and do.) helps realize and remove emotional obstacles and self-limitations so that each individual can thrive and teams (or families) can have closer unity.

Very grateful to Col. Kim Campbell, the Director of the Center for Character and Leadership Development at the Air Force Academy who posted….Special thanks to Abigail G. Manning for joining us at the Air Force Academy to talk to our cadets about resiliency. Abigail tells a powerful personal story that resonates with her audience, especially during this difficult and challenging time. Thank you for spending your time with us, for being vulnerable and sharing your struggles, and for giving us skills and techniques for How to Climb Back Up the Adverse Spiral…and Stay Up!

I’m now offering non-military workshops and private classes. If interested, in removing limiting self-beliefs and obstacles to achieving your highest-self, please contact me to learn more!

Might be the best investment you make in 2021…

the most resilient, strong, brave and happiest version of you!

You deserve nothing less.

Keep moving relentlessly forward.

The best is yet to be!