PODCAST: Calendar Advice & Insights To Recognizing Domestic Abuse


What happens when you mix an “Awareness Creator” with a “Change Agent?” A lively conversation! Mickie Zada and I chat on this PODCAST about “calendar” advice, why people who have been abused live in isolation by not speaking their truth, insights to recognizing domestic abuse, not looking outside of yourself for validation, moving on after…

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How Do I Protect Myself & My Loved Ones?


Protect with Awareness…Education…Action. First step is awareness and recognizing what abusive and unhealthy behaviors look like, sound like, feel like and their negative impact. Second step is education on how to safely end the cycles. Third step is action to prevent future forms of un-wellness in yourself and the relationships around you by speaking up,…

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Why Does Abuse Continue To Happen?

Stained Glass

When you don’t know the codes and cycles, all forms of abuse (sexual harassment, verbal mistreatment, child abuse, neglect, domestic violence, bullying, etc.) are very complex, confusing and hard to see…even when they are happening right in front of you! Here are some ways to recognize and understand abusive behaviors. * Abuse grows when abusers…

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Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Conference with Abigail Manning

Our Voices Matter: I experienced Domestic Violence, the awful aftermath including PTS and the arduous climb out of the deep, dark pit so I could stand strong on the solid ground of Authentic Health. Creating awareness on all forms of abuse, including DV, is so important to me because I care about people and want…

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Newest Podcast on: Triggers, Boundaries & Authentic Health

The Respect Podcast

Mike Domitrz is a leading national authority on dating safety having dedicated himself to teaching others about sexual assault, sexual abuse and related topics through his Date Safe Project. This podcast is my second guest appearance with him and this time we’re talking about Triggers, Healthy Boundary Lines and how to secure and safeguard Authentic…

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Authentic Health and Heartfelt Bliss

Sun behind clouds and open meadow

Authentic Health…experiencing heartfelt bliss. I believe in you and your ability to flourish in healthy ways. Please share to encourage others. For more ideas: https://lnkd.in/e-AKgwT hashtag#AuthenticHealth hashtag#Bliss hashtag#Nature

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Summit Time!

Image of Abigail Manning

MEET ME AT THE SUMMIT! I’m delighted to be one of 45 speakers sharing our insights, research and empowering tips to make this a better world. The summit is to help everyone with Emotional Abuse Recovery and Resilience. Monday, September 3rd my interview airs. “Finger-pointing: No Room for Blame or Shame When Building Authentic Health”…

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Authentic Health…

Red balloons in the sky

Authentic Health…letting go of the burdens of your past. I believe in you and your ability to flourish in Authentic Health. Please share to encourage others.  Contact us to learn more. #AuthenticHealth hashtag#Balloons hashtag#lettinggo

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