Navy SEAL Commander Chat

Baby in the arms of military personnel

Listen in to Navy SEAL Commander Jon Macaskill and host of Veteran’s PATH and I chat about “Mindfully Retrain Your Brain!” Veteran’s PATH video. Links for podcast are below. Self-Awareness = Purple Threads Self-Ownership = Flip-A-Dip! Self-Care = Healthy Boundary Lines (HBL) & Accountability Buddies Please listen and share your thoughts! Apple: Spotify: Anchor:

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Joining Forces with Rear Admiral Michael Giorgione (Ret.)

Abigail Manning and Michael Giorgione

I’m super proud to announce Rear Admiral Michael Giorgione (Ret.), former Commanding Officer of Presidential Retreat Camp David and Founder of LeadingLeaders, and I are joining forces for our new 2-day workshop: PREVENTING HARASSMENT – A LEADERSHIP IMPERATIVE In an innovative, positive and engaging environment, we co-teach unique content for long-lasting leadership skills in building healthy and…

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Manipulators Move Goal Posts


Have you ever found yourself celebrating a victory only to find your boss, coach or spouse telling you that you didn’t score, you missed the mark and “you’re crazy…I never said that!” It can leave you feeling confused, defeated and increases your self-doubt. Here’s the inside scoop: MANIPULATORS MOVE THE GOAL POSTS. With a straight…

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Is TOXIC CULTURE a real thing?

Air Pollution

Often people ask what is a toxic culture and do we really have a problem with it here in the United States. I believe facts speak for themselves so…here they are. On an average year: * 2 million people are physically attacked at work * 6 million people are threatened * 16 million people are…

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Authentic Health…Building Relationships with Trust


Authentic Health…building relationships with trust. When you’ve experienced betrayal (haven’t we all to one degree or another?!) then you know how hard it can be to be vulnerable and trusting. If we look closely enough, we can see the scared and pained feelings that are buried in people’s (or dogs!) faces, body language and especially…

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Confidence is Courage in Action

Growth Strategy

Please listen in to Jess Dewell and my video conversation as it appeared live. We talk about: Growth & Strategy  Confidence in Self & Confidence in Team Confidence is Courage in Action…that proves anything is achievable. Adding to the podcast: Confidence is built by all the times you used an ounce of courage to face…

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