Memorial Day & Remembering

Wounded Warrior Project

Wounded Warrior Project says “The greatest casualty is being forgotten.” Memorial Day is to remember and pay respect to those who died during active duty. It’s often a difficult time for Veterans as they remember the sisters and brothers they lost. Saturday was our “Healing & Empowerment” workshop #4 for the Wounded Warrior Project. Army…

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We all have a choice.

We All Have a Choice

My son has faced many tough adversities including his father walking out when he was two, in high school when his best friend, in an attempt to save another close friend who fell through ice and couldn’t swim, both tragically died (on Martin Luther King Jr’s day) and a long fight to overcome crippling dyslexia…

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Together We Create Empathy and Healing!

Together We Create Empathy and Healing

What is your constructive response for wounded veterans when people say or leave a note “You can’t park here – you’re not handicapped!” In our Wounded Warrior Project workshop, this came up as an issue even with disabled veterans’ license plates. Wounded veterans reported this also happens inside stores and restaurants regarding their service dog and…

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Coming Up This Saturday

Join us Saturday April 17th for our Healing and Empowerment Through Marksmanship Workshop We are honored and humbled to provide tools to improve the lives of warriors and those who love them. Co-taught with Paul Peng, an Army Military Police Veteran and security operations and shooting expert, this workshop is a new approach to building…

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Air Force Academy


I am honored to have taught RESILIENCY skills at the Air Force Academy! Four (4) in-person workshops of my “How to Climb Back Up the Adverse Spiral…and Stay Up!” The timing was perfect because it was right before they went into lock-down and virtual only learning. * It takes courage to look within and the…

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Harassment Doesn’t Happen Here

“Harassment doesn’t happen here” is a comment I often hear. The truth is, it does and it runs the spectrum of small annoying harassments to the most tragic of harassment outcomes. True leaders recognize their responsibility in preventing harassment and take immediate and proven action steps. “Checking the box” after watching a video compliant sexual…

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Chachi! Don’t you want to learn more?!

Abigail Manning at a Conference

Timothy “Chachi” Pachasa is that kind of guy! He makes you want to learn more! Not only is his U.S. Air Force call sign of “Chachi” intriguing… but so is he! Trust me, he’s the real-deal…stellar military career, brave family man, unstoppable life-zest and leading others with a serving heart! In addition to being a…

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