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Memorial Day & Remembering

Wounded Warrior Project says “The greatest casualty is being forgotten.”

Memorial Day is to remember and pay respect to those who died during active duty. It’s often a difficult time for Veterans as they remember the sisters and brothers they lost.

Saturday was our “Healing & Empowerment” workshop #4 for the Wounded Warrior Project. Army Veteran Paul Peng and I co-teach tips and techniques customized for Veterans to prevent and overcome triggers they may feel, especially on Memorial Day.

Please consider how you can honor the sacrifices made by so many and keep alive the names and memories of those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

Some ideas include:

  • Call, text, email or visit a Veteran, active duty service member or Gold Star family as a Buddy Check. They all have someone they know who has died while serving plus with an average of 22 military suicides a day. Let them know they matter to you and they are not alone in remembering their loss.

Meaningful Connections & Supportive Relationships

  • Visit a cemetery and leave a coin on the headstones of military. A penny means you visited. A nickel means you trained at boot camp together. A dime means you served together. A quarter means you were there when the service member was killed. Coins will be collected to help off-set the cost of washing the headstones, maintenance of the grounds, etc.

Honor Others: The Fallen & Their Families

  • Fly the American flag in a sign of unity to say we honor the sacrifice of generations of Americans who gained and secure our freedom. Yes, these flags fly at my home 24/7. Click here for short blog on this photo.


  • Visit a military museum or Veteran Memorial park. Read the names listed and have a moment of silence. I did this on the anniversary of USMC Cpl David M. Sonka’s killed-in-action. A local Marine I never met but as a mom of Marines, I feel a special connection to him. This dog park is named in his memory.

Never Forgotten

  • I am Denver’s Veteran Engagement Coordinator for Team Red, White & Blue. I lead weekly workouts for physical challenge and mental inspiration. Come join us if you’re in Colorado on a Thursday evening! If you want leadership and team development training with a twist – contact me about our new Adventure Retreats. We take people out of their comfort zone to create enhanced leadership skills and team productivity.

Empower Each Other

For more details on our Healing & Empowerment workshop, please this past posting or contact me for a two minute video. This specific program is customized and available for Veteran non-profits.

Click for more information on Paul Peng of Sentri Institute. He provides courses in firearms, security and speciality certifications.

Paul Peng is an Army Veteran, as an ex-military policeman of nine years and two combat tours to Iraq, he possess extensive experience in the realm of security operations. His work with foreign dignitaries, heading training programs for various police stations in Iraq as well as being the head section leader of his squad-based unit, has provided him the leadership and practical experience to teach effective courses on firearms and local security operations. 

“Wanted to let you know that even with decades of therapy, this was actually the first time in a very long time I’ve felt hope and felt empowered.” – Wounded Warrior Project Alumni & Veteran, Brooke

Thank you for remembering that …
Freedom Isn’t Free

If you find yourself struggling or wanting an open ear, please contact me. I truly care and am here for you.

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We all have a choice.

My son has faced many tough adversities including his father walking out when he was two, in high school when his best friend, in an attempt to save another close friend who fell through ice and couldn’t swim, both tragically died (on Martin Luther King Jr’s day) and a long fight to overcome crippling dyslexia to accomplish his dream of being Marine Intelligence.

This fine young man, he choses to serve our country and protect others.

One of my son’s favorite motivation quotes is…

“Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.” – G. Michael Hopf

It reminds me … we all have a choice.

I chose to relentlessly move forward and be one of the strong ones. Won’t you join me as our country and fellow citizens need brave hearts, stoic thoughts and relentless love.

For transformative, engaging and empowering workshops, training and event speaking, contact me. Working together we change lives by making a choice and commitment to create “good times” a possibility for everyone.

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Together We Create Empathy and Healing!

What is your constructive response for wounded veterans when people say or leave a note “You can’t park here – you’re not handicapped!”

In our Wounded Warrior Project workshop, this came up as an issue even with disabled veterans’ license plates.

Wounded veterans reported this also happens inside stores and restaurants regarding their service dog and being told they don’t look like they need a service dog.

Not all wounds are visible. Not everyone sees that.

Your insights could help educate others on invisible wounds and empower those who have them.

Army Veteran Paul Peng and I are teaching this Wounded Warrior Project workshop monthly. If you are a WWP Alumni, please sign up for this proven workshop – Mindset: Healing & Empowerment Through Marksmanship.

Please contact me if you would like more information or to bring this powerful workshop to your organization or non-profit.

Together we make a positive difference in changing assumptions and people’s minds. Together we create empathy and healing.

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Get insights from our network of stellar colleagues and updates on our exciting speaking events, podcasts, workshops and more! Always happy to discuss our customized programs for corporate, CEO leadership, military and veteran non-profit organizations. *You can unsubscribe at any time and we will never share your information.
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Coming Up This Saturday

Join us Saturday April 17th for our Healing and Empowerment Through Marksmanship Workshop

We are honored and humbled to provide tools to improve the lives of warriors and those who love them.

Co-taught with Paul Peng, an Army Military Police Veteran and security operations and shooting expert, this workshop is a new approach to building Resilience, Growth and Personal Empowerment.

We help warriors and their families:

This workshop is FREE to all Wounded Warrior Project alumni!

In addition to our Veteran workshop, we offer customized workshops and programs for corporate, CEO leadership, military and non-profits.

Please contact us for more information or to register for an upcoming event.

We learn, heal and grow stronger together!

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Get insights from our network of stellar colleagues and updates on our exciting speaking events, podcasts, workshops and more! Always happy to discuss our customized programs for corporate, CEO leadership, military and veteran non-profit organizations. *You can unsubscribe at any time and we will never share your information.
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Air Force Academy

I am honored to have taught RESILIENCY skills at the Air Force Academy! Four (4) in-person workshops of my “How to Climb Back Up the Adverse Spiral…and Stay Up!” The timing was perfect because it was right before they went into lock-down and virtual only learning.
* It takes courage to look within and the cadets did it with enthusiasm and genuinely deep discussions on self-awareness, self-ownership and self-commitment.

* My workshop on Purple Threads (limiting Personal Beliefs become Physiologically Tied to what we think, say and do.) helps realize and remove emotional obstacles and self-limitations so that each individual can thrive and teams (or families) can have closer unity.

Very grateful to Col. Kim Campbell, the Director of the Center for Character and Leadership Development at the Air Force Academy who posted….Special thanks to Abigail G. Manning for joining us at the Air Force Academy to talk to our cadets about resiliency. Abigail tells a powerful personal story that resonates with her audience, especially during this difficult and challenging time. Thank you for spending your time with us, for being vulnerable and sharing your struggles, and for giving us skills and techniques for How to Climb Back Up the Adverse Spiral…and Stay Up!

I’m now offering non-military workshops and private classes. If interested, in removing limiting self-beliefs and obstacles to achieving your highest-self, please contact me to learn more!

Might be the best investment you make in 2021…

the most resilient, strong, brave and happiest version of you!

You deserve nothing less.

Keep moving relentlessly forward.

The best is yet to be!


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Harassment Doesn’t Happen Here

“Harassment doesn’t happen here” is a comment I often hear. The truth is, it does and it runs the spectrum of small annoying harassments to the most tragic of harassment outcomes. True leaders recognize their responsibility in preventing harassment and take immediate and proven action steps.

“Checking the box” after watching a video compliant sexual harassment training doesn’t work. It doesn’t reach people on a deep and meaningful level. Where they can see it in themselves and in others. It needs to go deeper and be more authentic but without the blame, shame, judgment and isolation normally associated with what is healthy and unhealthy behavior.

I hear this as feedback in my workshops and training (yes…now virtual!) and that’s how I know I can help. I have a different approach and level of personal insight and accountability. Proven in my work:

* Preventing Harassment – A Leadership Imperative

* Leading a Healthy Workplace Environment

I co-teach with leadership expert, Rear Admiral (Retired) and former Commanding Officer of Camp David, Michael Giorgione this highly interactive and critical workshop on preventing harassment and building healthy workplace cultures where people are united in respect, trust and integrity.

We explore the Big 5 of harassment (emotional, verbal, physical, sexual and financial), power and control, tools of harassers and manipulators, and take a deep dive on individuals’ biases, discriminations, preconceptions and unhealthy behaviors.

We provide Self-Empowerment Life Skills of self-regulation, healthy boundary lines and successful reporting.

If you want to be the change to end harassment…contact me. Together we can do it!

Recent story of real-life harassment and the tragic outcome.

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Chachi! Don’t you want to learn more?!

Timothy “Chachi” Pachasa is that kind of guy! He makes you want to learn more! Not only is his U.S. Air Force call sign of “Chachi” intriguing… but so is he! Trust me, he’s the real-deal…stellar military career, brave family man, unstoppable life-zest and leading others with a serving heart!

In addition to being a leadership leader, business adviser and CAPE innovator, he’s also a podcast host. Today you can hear our chat about those positive characteristics and how to lower stress, especially during COVID-19. Listen in and you’ll see why I admire his CAPE work!

Please share your insights and comments. We all learn from each other and are more united by sharing….even in this time of isolation and physical-distancing.

Click Here to Listen In!

I care about you! Stay connected! Stay motivated!

Surrounded by fabulous men! USAF Major Kevin “MEAT” Unks (left) & USAF Chief Master Sergeant (Ret) Timothy “Chachi” Pachasa (right)