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Love of country. Love of family.

On this evening … all I want to say is, from my home to yours … thank you for loving this wonderful country and our fabulous citizens!

FYI, this photo taken by a Navy veteran from my living room waiting while I was on the phone helping a new Marine family whose child is leaving tomorrow for boot camp. Something I’ve been through … twice.

We are truly ALL in this together.

Love of country.

Love of family.

I truly care about you, your family and our country. If you have someone you love going into the military or through a career transition to civilian life, it can tough. Please feel free to reach out to me and I’ll do my best to be of insight, value, support or encouragement. No charge. Just authentically caring and sharing what I have learned as a military family.

With love, we unite!

If you’re interested in our work, we offer customized workshops and programs for corporate, CEO leadership, military and veteran non-profits. Please contact us for more information or to register for an upcoming event.

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Grazie to Italy!

Thank you Italy! Over the past several months I’ve been honored and happy to work in Italy! Due to Covid it has all been remote but I am optimistic and looking forward to working in-person with my new Italian colleagues.

All of this has been possible thanks to my stellar colleague and friend Richard Hotchner. A big shout-out of gratitude for Rick!

Here’s a peek at some of the work …

Abitudini Per Una Maggiore Produttivita = Habits For Higher Productivity

I taught “Habits for Higher Productivity” to students at Free Mind Foundry Academy in Catania, Sicily. It was a productive learning environment and fun cultural exchange. Thankfully all the students spoke fluent English!

Lorenzo Vetrano | Project Manager Instructor and 12 students

We took an authentic look at habits that HURT Project Managment productivity including:

* blaming others and not taking responsibility
* lazy (lazy or is it really fear, depression or self-sabotage?!)
* imposter syndrome
* negative mindset
* lack of loyalty
* overly sensitive to comments and criticism
* judgmental
* react vs respond
* procrastinate and miss deadlines

And… then we took POSITIVE STEPS for healthy habits for increased productivity:

* deeper self-awareness and self-accountability
* tips on transforming a negative into a positive
* healthy habits to ensure productive professional and personal outcomes

Fun and meaningful conversations create positive learning experiences and outcomes!

Project Management Institute in Southern Italy

Rick and I co-taught “Empower Your Soft Skills, Gain Your Hard Power”

Please meet Rick Hotchner! He uses examples of the leadership skills he honed after retiring from the CIA in 2018 as a member of the Senior Intelligence Service after 28 years of service in the Directorate of Operations. He served as a Deputy Chief of global counterterrorism operations in the CounterTerrorism Mission Center, and was the senior deputy of a national, strategic program with a billion-dollar budget and thousands of personnel. I personally always find Rick to be authentically caring, approachable, empathetic and an excellent listener. He is a leader I respect, trust and am honored to work alongside.

Course Objectives: Build your own path. Communicate effectively. Deal with complex situations.

SOFT SKILLS = emotional intelligence, advanced communication and working toward self-mastery.

I share my academic education in cognitive, social and behavioral studies with real-life examples of successes and failures and their consequences and valuable lessons learned.

HARD POWER = servant leadership that is inclusive, inspiring, decisive, empathic, powerful and productive.

A special thanks to Vincenzo Vitiello e Davide Maniscalco for these two interviews in Italy.

AFECA – Capitolo di Roma: Interview Questions – 1st Round

Abbreviated Questions:

  • Rick, In assessing the challenge of Islamist terrorism and the need to build capacity to counter it, how important for strategic success is the counter-ideology component?
  • Rick, will you please talk about your approach to leading officers and teams working the counterterrorism mission?
  • Abigail, in addition to being a mother of two United States Marines, you work with the U.S. military and in the corporate environment to develop individual skill sets and team culture. Will you please discuss how you see the role of soft skills as it applies to both the military and the workplace?
  • Abigail, are there any take-aways you can share from your work that illustrate how leaders can leverage soft skills to enable and empower their teams to achieve mission success?

AFECA – Capitolo di Roma: Interview Questions – 2nd Round

Abbreviated Questions:

  • Rick, could you give us a sense of how your leadership philosophy worked in practice?
  • Rick, what soft skills did you need to be a successful leader at the Agency? Can you give us a few anecdotes?
  • Abigail, could we talk, also for the pandemic and its consequences, about PTS? And how is it possible to cope with such an extensive, deep discomfort that, from the beginning of 2020 until today, still does not see a reassuring light at the end of the tunnel?
  • Abigail, is it already possible to define and identify post-pandemic behavioral categories for different types of individuals, especially in the professional field, and where the answer is affirmative, what are the approaches adopted in this regard?
  • Abigail, can you give us your overview on how these two concepts (soft skills and hard power) are combined in social life and how these toolboxes are used in your professional activity, especially in working with national security agencies?

To bring this content to your Country, Company or Command – please contact us for details!

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May you shine.

Sorry for the awful video quality! The message is more important than my ego wanting it to look perfect. 🙂 An impromptu 25 second talk at Martin Luther King Jr’s church when asked “What life message would you like to share with these school children?”

Fun Fact – This is from Martin Luther King Jr’s church in Montgomery, Alabama.

May we ALL shine!

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Get insights from our network of stellar colleagues and updates on our exciting speaking events, podcasts, workshops and more! Always happy to discuss our customized programs for corporate, CEO leadership, military and veteran non-profit organizations. *You can unsubscribe at any time and we will never share your information.
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Podcasts, People and Updates!

You are important to me!

I share the most recent podcasts, people and updates to be of value, encouragement and to create a community of leaders and inspirers. 

I am confident you will find nuggets of insights and inspiration from people I’m lucky to call colleagues and friends. 

Please meet RJ, Dr. Carlos, Jon, Chachi, Kristen, Jim and Jan!

RJ Hively – mental skills & empowerment coach

This retired pro-baseball player is truly a fabulous human being! A candid conversation on authentically connecting with others, growth mindset, limiting personal beliefs and making a positive difference in others lives. 

Click Image to Visit RJ’s Website!

Dr. Carlos Vazquez of Crime Network 

Author, Professor and expert in Criminal Psychology & Social Psychology, Dr. Carlos and I chat about Cognitive Restructuring. A 20 minute look at reducing negative thinking and stress. What has held you back in the past, could be holding you back from moving successfully into your future. Internal dialogue. Grooming. Gaslighting. Kindness. 

They make movies out of these kind of stellar guys …. please meet,

Jon Macaskill
Navy SEAL Commander (ret) turned Mindfulness Expert

Join us in our conversation on “Mindfully Retrain Your Brain”

Not to be outdone by a Navy SEAL … meet the effervescent,

Tim “Chachi” Pachasa, Chief Master Sergeant (ret) 

CAPE Lead business owner, loving dad and husband, and venturing into movie making. Please share our authentic laughs and bantering between friends and learn from one of the best, Tim Pachasa on leadership, finding your oxygen and grilling!

Kevin, Abigail & Chachi

Kristen Deevy of Pensionmark Financial Group

I am grateful to the talented and financially savvy Kristen Deevy. She hosted two webinars, obtained sponsors and retained me as the speaker. We focused on healthy habits for happy and productive personal and professional lives. 

Leaders like Kristen, bring people together and create positive content.

1st webinar = Workspace Wellness: Out of the Office & Into the Home

2nd webinar = Workspace Wellness: 2021 Resolutions: Will You Ruminate & React OR Remember & Respond

A previously shared The Leadership Podcast #156, “Helping Others Take Personal Responsibility” with leadership experts, inspiring business mentors and authentically caring guys who IP greatly appreciate …

Jim Vaselopulous and Jan Rutherford

Please see our February 5, 2020 newsletter for more details or listen in here!

I’m honored to know you and these fine folks. 

Please reach out if you would like more information on these inspiring leaders and if you would like to bring this type of content to your organization. 

Together, we make a powerful and positive difference in the world!

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Get insights from our network of stellar colleagues and updates on our exciting speaking events, podcasts, workshops and more! Always happy to discuss our customized programs for corporate, CEO leadership, military and veteran non-profit organizations. *You can unsubscribe at any time and we will never share your information.
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Air Force Academy

I am honored to have taught RESILIENCY skills at the Air Force Academy! Four (4) in-person workshops of my “How to Climb Back Up the Adverse Spiral…and Stay Up!” The timing was perfect because it was right before they went into lock-down and virtual only learning.
* It takes courage to look within and the cadets did it with enthusiasm and genuinely deep discussions on self-awareness, self-ownership and self-commitment.

* My workshop on Purple Threads (limiting Personal Beliefs become Physiologically Tied to what we think, say and do.) helps realize and remove emotional obstacles and self-limitations so that each individual can thrive and teams (or families) can have closer unity.

Very grateful to Col. Kim Campbell, the Director of the Center for Character and Leadership Development at the Air Force Academy who posted….Special thanks to Abigail G. Manning for joining us at the Air Force Academy to talk to our cadets about resiliency. Abigail tells a powerful personal story that resonates with her audience, especially during this difficult and challenging time. Thank you for spending your time with us, for being vulnerable and sharing your struggles, and for giving us skills and techniques for How to Climb Back Up the Adverse Spiral…and Stay Up!

I’m now offering non-military workshops and private classes. If interested, in removing limiting self-beliefs and obstacles to achieving your highest-self, please contact me to learn more!

Might be the best investment you make in 2021…

the most resilient, strong, brave and happiest version of you!

You deserve nothing less.

Keep moving relentlessly forward.

The best is yet to be!


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Harassment Doesn’t Happen Here

“Harassment doesn’t happen here” is a comment I often hear. The truth is, it does and it runs the spectrum of small annoying harassments to the most tragic of harassment outcomes. True leaders recognize their responsibility in preventing harassment and take immediate and proven action steps.

“Checking the box” after watching a video compliant sexual harassment training doesn’t work. It doesn’t reach people on a deep and meaningful level. Where they can see it in themselves and in others. It needs to go deeper and be more authentic but without the blame, shame, judgment and isolation normally associated with what is healthy and unhealthy behavior.

I hear this as feedback in my workshops and training (yes…now virtual!) and that’s how I know I can help. I have a different approach and level of personal insight and accountability. Proven in my work:

* Preventing Harassment – A Leadership Imperative

* Leading a Healthy Workplace Environment

I co-teach with leadership expert, Rear Admiral (Retired) and former Commanding Officer of Camp David, Michael Giorgione this highly interactive and critical workshop on preventing harassment and building healthy workplace cultures where people are united in respect, trust and integrity.

We explore the Big 5 of harassment (emotional, verbal, physical, sexual and financial), power and control, tools of harassers and manipulators, and take a deep dive on individuals’ biases, discriminations, preconceptions and unhealthy behaviors.

We provide Self-Empowerment Life Skills of self-regulation, healthy boundary lines and successful reporting.

If you want to be the change to end harassment…contact me. Together we can do it!

Recent story of real-life harassment and the tragic outcome.

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On the rise.

Domestic Abuse & Child Abuse are on the rise during COVID-19. Please reach out to each other to check in. Abuse happens when one person seeks power & control over someone else typically through isolation and unworthiness brainwashing.

* The more you know, the more you can spot it for yourself and others.

* The more you recognize it, the more you can help be the solution.

* I care about you. You are not alone. UNITY.

* I’ve been through both childhood abuse and domestic abuse. There is a way out and a truly beautiful life on the other side. OPTIMISM.

More information on understanding abuse can be found on this website under the “About” tab.

Or contact me personally and I’ll happily help you find a local resource for yourself or for someone you care about. Everyone deserves safety and love. And…that includes you!

Book on Domestic Abuse by Colorado woman.

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What if COVID-19 is a test of…

What if COVID-19 is a test of your…



and most of all….your character.

We all have had a rollercoaster of emotions and feelings during this world-wide experience. It’s okay if at times it has stressed you out with challenges. And, at times you’ve stumbled.

Here’s the key…give yourself grace & space and then stand back up.

Live in alignment with your values.

Double down on your resolve.

Let your character shine through to inspire others.

I believe in you and your ability.

I want you to believe in me and my ability.

Unity. Optimism.

Together, we got this!

Contact me on how we can support each other and help others.

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Here’s my absolute best piece of advice!

Here’s my absolute best piece of advice.
The most profound insight I have for YOU.
Possibly the most significant self-motivating tip you will hear.

You don’t need me or anybody else.
YOU – Already – Got – This!

You already have the inner-strength!
The wisdom!
The capability!

It’s ok to be knocked down by your doubt and fear and stress. COVID-19 is bringing a hail-storm of these feelings.

We all have voices of limiting self-beliefs.
It’s to be expected.
It’s okay.

And yet, we all rise…sooner or later…to face those fears.
Stare them down.
Confront them.

When we realize they are weak and mean little lies…we SHRED them!

Don’t be afraid my friend.
You are stronger than you think.
Wiser than you know.
And always surrounded by people like me, who you’ve maybe never met, but care and love you.

Relentlessly move forward…believe in you and then reach out to those around you…and believe in them.

I’m counting on you.
I don’t want to hear about one more suicide.
You are not alone.

We got this!

Please send this message to those you feel could benefit from hearing from you. A friendly note can be a prevention of depression and suicide. Thank you for caring about being the best YOU and caring about helping others.

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What Horses Taught Me Today

These horses and singing birds stopped me in my tracks today. Before seeing them, I was in my own little rollercoaster world due to COVID-19. They caught my attention and helped me realize I was focused on my stress and fear. I was grateful for the reminder so captured this video and as it turns out, I thought about them the rest of my run. Here’s what they helped me realize.

Being in social isolation, it’s easy to feel alone…even if you are with others. Feeling alone, we can feel scared and unsafe, especially for someone who’s been through any kind of past trauma.

* First step is recognizing the subconscious connection of feeling alone triggering feelings of stress and fear. THINK.

* Second step is consciously re-thinking and saying to ourselves “Being alone builds my inner-strength. I am safe.” SAY.

* Third step is being in nature’s sanctuary and exercising. For me, elevating my heart during trail running works out my stress, reminds me of my personal power, and that there is always goodness to be found in the world. DO.

What steps will you Think, Say, Do today…for betterment of yourself and those you lead?

What additional support in pro-actively facing stress, fear and uncertainty?

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Contact us for our virtual speaking, workshops and coaching. You got this! And we can help!