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Podcasts, People and Updates!

You are important to me!

I share the most recent podcasts, people and updates to be of value, encouragement and to create a community of leaders and inspirers. 

I am confident you will find nuggets of insights and inspiration from people I’m lucky to call colleagues and friends. 

Please meet RJ, Dr. Carlos, Jon, Chachi, Kristen, Jim and Jan!

RJ Hively – mental skills & empowerment coach

This retired pro-baseball player is truly a fabulous human being! A candid conversation on authentically connecting with others, growth mindset, limiting personal beliefs and making a positive difference in others lives. 

Click Image to Visit RJ’s Website!

Dr. Carlos Vazquez of Crime Network 

Author, Professor and expert in Criminal Psychology & Social Psychology, Dr. Carlos and I chat about Cognitive Restructuring. A 20 minute look at reducing negative thinking and stress. What has held you back in the past, could be holding you back from moving successfully into your future. Internal dialogue. Grooming. Gaslighting. Kindness. 

They make movies out of these kind of stellar guys …. please meet,

Jon Macaskill
Navy SEAL Commander (ret) turned Mindfulness Expert

Join us in our conversation on “Mindfully Retrain Your Brain”

Not to be outdone by a Navy SEAL … meet the effervescent,

Tim “Chachi” Pachasa, Chief Master Sergeant (ret) 

CAPE Lead business owner, loving dad and husband, and venturing into movie making. Please share our authentic laughs and bantering between friends and learn from one of the best, Tim Pachasa on leadership, finding your oxygen and grilling!

Kevin, Abigail & Chachi

Kristen Deevy of Pensionmark Financial Group

I am grateful to the talented and financially savvy Kristen Deevy. She hosted two webinars, obtained sponsors and retained me as the speaker. We focused on healthy habits for happy and productive personal and professional lives. 

Leaders like Kristen, bring people together and create positive content.

1st webinar = Workspace Wellness: Out of the Office & Into the Home

2nd webinar = Workspace Wellness: 2021 Resolutions: Will You Ruminate & React OR Remember & Respond

A previously shared The Leadership Podcast #156, “Helping Others Take Personal Responsibility” with leadership experts, inspiring business mentors and authentically caring guys who IP greatly appreciate …

Jim Vaselopulous and Jan Rutherford

Please see our February 5, 2020 newsletter for more details or listen in here!

I’m honored to know you and these fine folks. 

Please reach out if you would like more information on these inspiring leaders and if you would like to bring this type of content to your organization. 

Together, we make a powerful and positive difference in the world!

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