Together We Create Empathy and Healing!

What is your constructive response for wounded veterans when people say or leave a note “You can’t park here – you’re not handicapped!”

In our Wounded Warrior Project workshop, this came up as an issue even with disabled veterans’ license plates.

Wounded veterans reported this also happens inside stores and restaurants regarding their service dog and being told they don’t look like they need a service dog.

Not all wounds are visible. Not everyone sees that.

Your insights could help educate others on invisible wounds and empower those who have them.

Army Veteran Paul Peng and I are teaching this Wounded Warrior Project workshop monthly. If you are a WWP Alumni, please sign up for this proven workshop – Mindset: Healing & Empowerment Through Marksmanship.

Please contact me if you would like more information or to bring this powerful workshop to your organization or non-profit.

Together we make a positive difference in changing assumptions and people’s minds. Together we create empathy and healing.

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