Workshops & Training:

Workshop to 100+ Senators, Representatives & Staff


Senate Majority Leader Chris Holbert & Executive Assistant Keri Brehm


(Letter posted with approval by C. Holbert)

"Innovative, inspiring and informative." - House Republican Caucus Chair Lori Saine

"You have everything in place to fill the missing piece of most trainings both in relationships conflict resolution and perceptions around sexual harassment." - Jessica Dewell, Founder of Red Direction

Participants Feedback:

"...eye-opening...positive...a new take on sexual harassment and abuse...pleasantly surprised on a typically unpleasant topic...would like to see more of this training every year...engaging in telling what we can do to make the workplace healthier for everyone..." 

"I learned self-empowerment, standing up for what is right, be kind, speak to others, share and be positive."

"This was so informative and a great journey in self-growth!"

"Purple Threads make us who we are to this point. Letting them go will help me become my healthy authentic self!"


Workshop Break-Out Group Discussion

Keynote & Event Speaking:

"Abigail was our Keynote Speaker at our annual gala and she did an amazing job. While her story is incredibly heart-wrenching, Abigail presented it in a positive way, greatly connecting with the audience. She reminds us of the resilience of the human spirit and individual power that perseveres in the midst of darkness." - Jennifer Walker, Executive Director, Crisis Center

"It was an honor to have Abigail Manning speak at our event about "Building Authentic Culture and Empowered Trust." Abigail was a captivating speaker that kept our group engaged from beginning to end. She was open with the group about her experiences and as a result, the attendees felt comfortable to share their own personal experiences. This allowed attendees to learn in depth about how to apply healthy culture in their businesses."  - Alexa Pohl, Executive Director, TiE Rockies

Consulting & Advising:

“You gave me the power, understanding, and support to tackle Bullying! Our one-on-one chat provided me with the tools I needed to face a difficult conversation. I was able to feel calm in the middle of a storm.  Thank you, Abigail!” - Julie W., Supporter of Abuse Free Sports for Student-Athletes

"The premise of understanding oneself, then changing oneself and thereby changing the world gives an effective path for action and emphasizes that our individual actions matter. You gave me a path forward." - Kurt, Attorney at Law

"Abigail has a way of clearly communicating what is so difficult to understand. Clearly seeing what abuse is and how it manifests is the first step to freedom from being abused."  - Niccole, Parenting Advocate