Enlighten. Empower. End.


Abigail G. Manning, Awareness Creator on Authentic Health so we prevent and end Abuse.

Bio: Having experienced childhood abuse by both of her parents and domestic violence as an adult, Abigail uses first-hand experience combined with her Indiana University double major in Communications (specializing in cognitive, social & behavioral theories),  5 years of abuse research, and $20,000 of therapy modalities investigations to teach others how to build Authentic Health to prevent and end all forms of abuse. In a positive and pro-active approach, she uses touches of humor to illuminate the challenges of recognizing and understanding the codes, cycles and connections found in unhealthy behaviors including sexual harassment, bullying, child abuse, domestic violence, manipulations, toxic relationships and more. By creating awareness, she moves abuse out of the silent darkness where it starts and thrives, into the colorful light of mainstream conversations and creates a brighter future for us all.

Vision: All people unite to create awareness, understanding and a commitment to end the cycles of abuse by replacing ill-informed with recognition, blame with empathy, hurt with health, and fear with love. 



To create greater awareness, knowledge, understanding and recognition.


To create safety, trust and unity.
To encourage confidence, strength and love. To provide insights and tools for the ability to control your life and claim your rights. 


To stop abuse. To make a commitment to end.  To unite and use synergy to terminate. 
To say…not on my watch.