Enlighten. Empower. End.


Abigail G. Manning = International Speaker + Interactive Workshop Instructor in Identifying Limits and Accelerating Growth

  • Fulfilling a vow she made as an eight-year-old, Abigail is on a mission to support others on their path to living, leading, and loving their best personal and professional life.
  • Abigail combines an Indiana University double major (specializing in Cognitive, Social, and Behavioral), mental health studies, healing modalities research, and resiliency skills learned from overcoming childhood abuse by both of her parents, domestic violence, and Post Traumatic Stress.
  • She has a heart-felt passion for serving others and providing authenticity, innovation, and actionable advice on how to be even more Enlightened, Empowered, and End the limiting #ThinkSayDo that prevent people from thriving.
  • She helps people take obstacles and make them turn into golden opportunities. She walks the talk by ending generational cycles of trauma and defied the odds by raising the next generation of empowered citizens. She is an immensely proud mom of her two U.S. Marines.
  • Collaborating with clients, she brings an innovative voice in enhancing healthy workplace cultures and dynamic leadership. Through international keynotes, workshops, and retreats, she delivers professional and personal development programs to companies, U.S. Military & Veteran non-profit



To create greater awareness, knowledge, understanding and recognition.


To create safety, trust and unity.
To encourage confidence, strength and love. To provide insights and tools for the ability to control your life and claim your rights. 


To stop abuse. To make a commitment to end.  To unite and use synergy to terminate. 
To say…not on my watch.