Enlighten. Empower. End.


Abigail G. Manning = Awareness Creator + Culture Builder + Abusive Behavior Ender

Bio: Abigail is the Founder of Create Awareness...Change Lives Inc., creator of the Authentic Health curriculum, workshop facilitator and national speaker. She works with clients to proactively build healthy and prosperous organizations through cultural intelligence, mental fitness and enhanced life skills. She dynamically delivers proven and unique content that is easy to integrate to increase teams' engagement, empowerment and raise-the-bar accountability.

She combines an Indiana University Communications double major (Cognitive, Social & Behavioral theories), extensive studies in mental health and healing modalities research with her firsthand life experiences of overcoming childhood abuse, domestic violence and PTS. As a proud mother of a U.S. Marine daughter and son, she is keenly aware of military culture. Working primarily with military, government and national security related companies, Abigail has a heart-felt passion for the people she serves.

Vision: Take the Adverse Spiral (stress/fear, unworthiness, depression, addictions, cycles of abuse, PTS and thoughts of suicide) out of the silent darkness where it starts and thrives, move it into the colorful light of mainstream conversations, and provide solutions to create a brighter future for us all.

Mission: All people unite to create awareness, understanding and a commitment to replace ill-informed with recognition, blame with empathy, hurt with health, and fear with love.



To create greater awareness, knowledge, understanding and recognition.


To create safety, trust and unity.
To encourage confidence, strength and love. To provide insights and tools for the ability to control your life and claim your rights. 


To stop abuse. To make a commitment to end.  To unite and use synergy to terminate. 
To say…not on my watch.